15 Coolest Shark Facts for Kids!

Sharks are predatory fish that strike fear in people with their appearance and even make us feel like they are going to attack us from the depths every time we enter the sea.

We have all had this scenario in our minds, especially when swimming in areas with great depth. This scenario is indicative of the impact the movie industry has on us. If you have watched horror-thriller movies where sharks are used, this situation has become ingrained in your subconscious and it is not easy to get rid of it.

Sharks are the most predatory fish in the sea. They feed mainly on meat and invertebrates, but they have been seen eating things thrown overboard.

In the stomachs of some captured sharks, objects such as tin cans, pieces of glass, newspapers, pieces of wood were found. As can be seen from this, they do not discriminate food, they are the scavengers of the sea. They spend all their time looking for food and they can also eat creatures bigger than themselves.

15 Interesting Facts About Sharks

  1. Sharks do not have air sacs like other fish and sink to the bottom when they stop swimming.
  2. They have several rows of teeth and there are up to 500 species. The teeth in the outer row are the largest and are cutting, shredding teeth. The inner ones can be flexible and act as crushers. Sharks grow new teeth when they fall out.
  3. Their spine is made of cartilage and gives them flexibility. They are very flexible and quick animals.
  4. Their stomach acid is very strong. When a drop of this acid is dropped on your hand, your hand will burn.
  5. They have good eyesight. They can hunt comfortably in dark waters and at night. This vision is complemented by sensitive receptors in their noses.
  6. Their hearing is also very well developed. They can distinguish the vibrations made by someone fluttering in the water and head in that direction. That’s why swimming fast and splashing water attracts their attention. There are cases where people who have been caught between sharks have been saved by swimming calmly between them. Therefore, you should continue swimming calmly without panicking and try to swim towards land.
  7. Sharks have a very strong immune system. So strong that they don’t get infected and they don’t get sick. When given cancer germs, they have been shown to defeat them.
  8. The meat of sharks is lean. All the structure in the body is found in the liver. That’s why their meat is tasteless and bland.
  9. They usually live in deep waters, but they also come to shallow waters when they cannot find prey.
  10. They have a life span of 20-30 years.
  11. Their skin is scaleless and covered with a rough, sandpaper-like surface. This surface reduces friction in the water with its special structure.
  12. Their lungs are rich in vitamin A and their fins are used in cosmetics.
  13. Tiger sharks, great whites and hammerhead sharks are the most aggressive species.
  14. The greatest aggressor is the great white shark and when they attack it is almost impossible to escape.
  15. Although sharks are seen as aggressive, more people die each year from lightning strikes than from shark attacks.

Some important questions and answers about Sharks


How many years have sharks been on Earth?

According to the fossil record, sharks have been around for about 400 million years.

How many teeth does a shark have?

A shark can have up to 30,000 teeth in its lifetime. Its teeth are constantly shifting and replacing themselves inside its mouth.

In which water do sharks live?

Habitats They can be found both in the ocean and in freshwater. They can be found in tropical waters, in the northern seas and in the Mediterranean Sea, mostly at depth.

Do sharks sleep?

Gray reef sharks have to move throughout their lives to get enough oxygen through their gills. For this reason, it’s impossible for them to stay in one place and sleep or rest. Research has shown that sharks actually never sleep, they just rest.

What is the world’s largest shark?

It is the largest living fish and the largest known whale shark is 18.7 meters and 42 tons.

How do sharks smell blood?

Although some species of sharks have a more developed sense of smell, they are not very different from other fish in this respect. So they can’t smell blood from very far away. They can only smell odors in an area the size of a swimming pool.

What to do if you encounter a shark?

do not go too far from the shore. do not enter the water at night or at dusk. do not enter the water if you have an open wound that is bleeding. try not to wear shiny jewellery, because the reflected light looks like fish scales shimmering. avoid wearing brightly coloured swimwear.

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