Aladdin Movie Coloring Pages

Coloring from the cartoon Aladdin 2019 is a meeting with the noble Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Jeanne, Jaafar.

Aladdin’s adventures and the magic of Arab nights
A new version of the famous 1992 cartoon. The noble street thief Aladdin is working on the streets of the fabulous city of Agraba in the company of a hand monkey. Another adventure brought him to the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Aladdin colorings will transport the admirer of this romantic story to a world where robbers and heroes, magic and cunning reign. While the young man is pondering how to win the heart of Sultan’s daughter, the insidious vizier Jafar plans to use the naive thief to get the magic lamp.

The fantasy film is a new creation by the Walt Disney studio. It is a wonderful story about fulfilling desires and triumphing love over meanness, good over evil. Colorful costumes and special effects plunge the viewer into the special atmosphere of a fairy tale.

The protagonists of Aladdin’s coloring pages
Aladdin’s paintings accurately convey the look of the characters of the famous film, so the finished drawings can be a real decoration of the children’s room. Each character of the story has its own unique character.

Aladdin Coloring Information for Kids

  • Aladdin is an eighteen-year-old boy from a poor family, who is engaged in petty theft. His personal code of honor does not allow the hero to steal anything but food. The young man’s kindness and nobility are combined with fearlessness and resourcefulness.
  • Jasmine is a proud and wilful princess, daughter of a sultan. The girl refuses to follow the traditional way and enter into political marriage, seeking to find true love.
  • Jinn is a magical creature who lives in an ancient lamp. A kind, naive and extremely talkative character has almost limitless magical powers. Charming wizard can not only commit murder, resurrect or fall in love with each other.
  • Jafar is a vizier of the sultan who has exceptional intelligence and cunning, but prefers to use these qualities for personal gain. The character dreams of taking the place of the sultan, using spells and brutal manipulation techniques to achieve the goal.
  • The sultan is a gullible and simple man, unaware of the vizier’s cunning. He is ready to reward Aladdin’s nobility and even change the laws to give his daughter happiness.
    Aladdin’s paintings can be printed out to collect an album of his favourite heroes. Use fantasy and coloured pencils to give your characters a unique look!
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