Cinderella Coloring Pages

Free printable Cinderella coloring pages (PDF), Cinderella tells the story of a young girl’s life changed after she encounters a stranger, ostracized by her stepmother and sister. Ella’s merchant father marries another woman after her mother’s tragic death – Cinderella is the name of a European folk tale that tells the story of an orphan girl who finds happiness in the end, despite being used like a slave by her jealous and evil stepmother and step-sisters.

Free Printable Cinderella Coloring Pages [PDF]

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In a far land lived a rich husband and wife. The woman was very sick and the man called all the doctors home, but could not save his wife. She began to take care of her only daughter on her own. But she was constantly traveling because of her job, and she was afraid that her daughter would be left alone at home. He thought that his daughter needed a mother and married a widow who had lost his wife like him. This woman’s name was Lady Tremaine and they moved into their new home with her two daughters, Drizella and Anastasia.

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