Garfield Coloring Pages

Free printable Garfield coloring pages (PDF), Garfield, a cartoon figure created by Jim Davis, first came into our lives on June 19, 1978.

The main characters of the Garfield cartoon are as follows;

1. Garfield the Cat
2. Cat owner Jon Arbuckle
3. Arbuckle’s dog Odie

It has been determined that Garfield has appeared in exactly 2,580 newspapers, and with this feature, it has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the “most featured cartoon frame“.

Free Printable Garfield Coloring Pages [PDF]

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Free Printable Garfield Coloring Pages
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It is the name of a cartoon series about the adventures of a lazy cat and the cat that is the hero of the series. Garfield soon became very popular.

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