Goku Coloring Pages

Free printable Goku coloring pages (PDF), Goku is not human and he is a Saiyan. This race lives on the planet Vegeta. His father’s name is Bardock. When he kills Goku’s best friend Kuririn, Goku turns into a super saiyan with his anger. He stands above the others as the strongest character. One of his primary goals throughout the series is to become the champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament and eventually succeed in his battle against Piccolo.

Free Printable Goku Coloring Pages [PDF]

Free Printable Goku Coloring Pages
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12-year-old Son Goku has lost his grandfather and lives alone with his heirloom 4-star ball. Many people who want to make their wish come true are after these 7 dragon balls.

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