GTA 5 Coloring Pages

GTA 5 Coloring Pages, Like its predecessors, the fifth part of the Grand Theft Auto series is peppered with cultural, social and political references. Those who don’t know them and are not fluent in English will only experience a technically appealing, but very violent action game, in which this time the gangster career of three protagonists in the wide world around the metropolis Los Santos is the main theme.

Bratz Coloring Pages

GTA 5 Coloring Pages

GTA 5 Coloring Video

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  1. Every time I played GTA , I found myself off the from the game play and seeks the 5 stars for an all out war with the cops.

  2. This is good news! After getting gta 5 and finding out there was no mod I was a bit bummed. Hopefully you guys will consider it

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