Harley Quinn Coloring Pages

Free printable Harley Quinn coloring pages, Harley Queensel, a native of Brooklyn, New York, was an intern at Arkham Asylum Psychiatric Clinic. She encouraged management to allow her sessions with the Joker, and when she did, she fell under the charisma of a maniac. She fell in love and helped the maniac run away over and over again. One day she was caught, and from the doctor, she became a patient. During No Man’s Land, Harley was able to free herself, found a harlequin costume, and punched the Penguin, which earned the Joker’s respect. The couple enjoyed each other until the Joker put her in a rocket and pointed her at Robinson Park. Crumbled Harley practically on Poison Ivy’s head, which started one of the weirdest relationships in comic books. Ivy came out and gave her a drink special juice: he gave Harley superpower and super speed – secretly sly red-haired beast hoping that Harley’s hands will take revenge on her hated Joker.

Free Printable Harley Quinn Coloring Pages


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