Miraculous Ladybug Coloring Pages

Paris, love and willingness to save the world – that’s what they are, LadyBug and the Super Cat. Now your favorite characters have moved to the coloring pages. Superheroes from the popular series will “come alive” before your eyes. You just have to add paint. Marinette and Andriana are in love with each other so nice to paint! Reflecting the coloring of Lady Bug and Super Cat different adventures of a brave couple. The heroes fight, charm each other and, of course, save the planet.

On the pages of coloring – and everyday, and heroic part of life of the main characters. Marinette leads a normal life of a teenager: he is interested in fashion industry novelties, dresses in style and visits discos. But no less interesting are her nightlife adventures.

When Paris is enveloped in darkness, the young lady transforms herself into Lady Bug. She hurries to fight villains and protect civilians. She’s joined by the Super Cat. Superheroes wear masks and it’s hard to guess what’s behind them. Marinette wouldn’t know her partner in her normal life. It’s Adrian, who she’s embarrassed to even talk to. They will tell Lady Bug and the Super Cat about the bright school moments and the funny night adventures.

Animation from the French, Koreans and Japanese coloring.

Specialists from three countries worked on the creation of the cartoon. The French gave the series their charm. The Japanese focused on adventure and a love line. The Koreans put in the depths of the narrative. The animation turned out to be bright and colorful. The cartoon was first shown in Korea in 2015.

The difference of the story is that it unfolds in France. Usually superheroes “live” in America. According to the authors, in Paris is engaged in criminal activity Hauka Mott – the main villain. He rubs his hands in anticipation of what is about to subjugate Paris and enslave its inhabitants.

But the main characters are not going to watch the attack of infected butterflies – they are ready to stop it. Once the city is in danger, both characters rush into battle. Many dangers await the heroes, but also romantic scenes are not excluded. That’s why Lady Bug and the Super Cat coloring also includes these moments. Marinette has no idea that the Super Cat is her classmate and rejects the boy’s advances. In turn, Adrian is fascinated by her partner. But Marinette doesn’t notice Marinette’s quiet.

Marinette is not one of the timid ten – any villain will be dealt with! But that’s what happens when she turns into a superhero. She’s getting help from mascot earrings. In normal life, the girl is humble and shy, seems clumsy. Especially if her adoration is Adrian nearby. She treats Super Cat differently – considers him a reliable ally and in every way rejects his flirting.

The Super Cat has the power of destruction. When he becomes a superhero, his character changes. The guy becomes more self-confident. He’s bold and flirting with his partner all the time. Adrian really wants to know who’s hiding behind his beloved’s mask.

If you decide to color Lady Bug and Super Cat, you can immerse yourself in the world of Lady Bug and Super Cat. If you are not yet familiar with these characters, you can understand the essence of the cartoon by dynamic pictures. And, of course, the charm of each episode adds Paris. The romantic city is filled with different secrets.

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