Lion Coloring Pages

Lion coloring pages. a type of large, predatory mammals. Lions have very powerful jaws, which allows them to hunt for very large prey. The coloring of a lion is mainly brown or light yellow. They also have a beautiful mane, whose color may vary from white to black. These animals have very heavy big paws. The lion itself is quite large, a strong animal that lives in open terrain in a warm climate. Despite their weight, the lions run very fast, as well as they are very smart. All these indispensable qualities are just necessary to find and get food. Do you want to know more about lions?

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5 Interesting Facts for Kids About Lions

  • There are still debates about whether a lion or a tiger is bigger. The dominant point of view is that tigers are bigger, but it is also disputed by a number of scientists.
  • A game, a hybrid of a lion and a tiger, is always bigger than its parents. Its mass can reach half a ton, and its body length is more than three and a half meters.
  • Among all the representatives of the family of cat lions are the tallest.
  • An adult lion can easily weigh up to a quarter of a ton. But lions weigh about half as much.
  • The length of hair in a lion’s mane can reach forty centimeters.

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