Masha and the Bear Coloring Pages

Coloring Masha and the Bear will help you and your child to get closer to the main characters of this cartoon. On our website you can download or print out all the coloring for free and go on this fascinating journey with Masha and her friend Bear.

Coloring Masha and the Bear from the cartoon of the same name. Huge collection of funny coloring with Masha and the Bear for children.

Here you will find a lot of pictures from different series, and after pictures advice on coloring Masha and the bear and funny features of their characters.

Coloring Masha from the animated series Masha and the Bear

Funny little girl Masha really wants to be painted and no other way. She promises not to peek! The most important in any coloring Masha and the bear, the girl thinks her dress, so take a watercolor or gouache, small thin tassels and experiment!

Free Printable Masha and the Bear Coloring Pages

Green-eyed Masha loves pink dresses, but she is happy to try on other necessarily bright colors: yellow, orange, azure or salad.

Masha is a small child, because there are a lot of things she can’t do, but there are things she can do well. Masha’s paintings and the bear will illustrate many of them. And in the meantime, let’s learn the most important thing about Masha to make the coloring more interesting:

Masha loves sweets, games. She likes to ask all sorts of questions and to be curious;
Talking about it, often says two times “already”: “Can we play already?”
Masha fights well and plays chess;
Masha and the bear often cook, Masha is especially good at cooking jam;
Masha won’t learn how to distinguish between right and left.
Coloring Bear from the animated series Masha and the Bear

Kind, sweet bear willingly endures all Machine Pranks and forgives pranks. Of course, Bear has a brown coat, yellow face and belly. The bear doesn’t like bright colors very much, so brown and yellow are better mixed with a little white paint.

The colors Masha and the bear show all the favorite activities of a good man. It’s fishing, football and a well-kept garden.

What do we know about the bear?

Misha has many medals, because he was a famous circus bear in his day;
The bear prefers to live in peace and quiet;
Although Misha does not speak human language, he understands Masha very well.
Masha and the Bear are very and very popular among children, they paint them with pleasure while watching the animated series, finding familiar scenes from the adventures of the main characters.

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