Moana Coloring Pages

Free printable Moana coloring pages are black and white pictures of a brave girl and her friend who went on a long and dangerous journey in the name of saving the rest of the people. One day, a frivolous giant in the Moana, his name is Maui, committed a rash act, which resulted in the entire planet. He stole the heart from the goddess, with dire consequences for everyone. An unusually brave and courageous girl, Moana, decided to save the Earth from the curse. The girl and the demigod did not become friends at once, but eventually the mutual understanding was achieved, because it is much easier to act together and achieve the goal together. The giant knows how to make the young savior laugh even in the most difficult situation, and with her and the audience

Moana Coloring Pages
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Free Moana Coloring Pages

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