Panda Coloring Pages

Panda coloring has collected pictures for coloring with a cute bear cub listed in the Red Book. He lives in China and is his symbol. The animal is considered a predator, but eats bamboo leaves. Hence its middle name “bamboo bear”. You can use colorful paints in your coloring. But it is worth remembering that in reality panda is mostly white, ears, legs, shoulders are black, and near the eyes there are spots of the same color, similar to glasses. Distinguishes it from its brethren, not only the color of fur, but also a structure of legs with six fingers, thanks to which these creatures climb trees wonderfully.

Free Printable Panda Coloring Pages

Panda‘s coloring will introduce you to the prettiest bear known as the bamboo bear. The panda looks like a raccoon, just as black and white and cute. The saddest thing about the panda is that it’s long since been on the endangered species list. Pandas are especially zealously guarded in China, because these animals are the unofficial symbol of this country. There’s the death penalty for her murder. Like all other members of the bear family, the panda is considered a predator, but in fact, it eats bamboo leaves. And since China has no problem with bamboo groves, no other food for the panda is needed.


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