Pennywise Coloring Pages

Free printable pennywise coloring pages, Stephen King already created the clown Pennywise in 1986 in his bestseller book ES. Since then many people are enthusiastic about the childhood terror and with the new films he becomes a cult figure in this Stephen King renaissance. The clown fits very well into Stephen King’s work, as it is often about occult rituals, aliens, monsters or just a clown. But what is Pennywise? Who is this “ES”, which has been reinterpreted again and again for 33 years. Many think Pennywise is a human being. Maybe he was human and died of a curse or something horrible. But “it” is not. Pennywise is something quite different from just a human being.

Pennywise Clown Coloring Pages

pennywise face coloring picture
clown pennywise coloring pages
pennywise horror coloring page
pennywise coloring sheet
Pennywise coloring pages to print out
Free printable pennywise coloring pages
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