Polly Pocket Coloring Pages

Free printable Polly Pocket coloring pages, Polly doll with many accessories and outfits – a toy for girls of preschool and primary school age. Polly Pocket loves adventure and fun, singing, dancing and rollerblading. On coloring Polly Pocket is depicted for her favorite lessons in the most fashionable outfits. Coloring Polly Pocket is a collection of drawings with images of the most cheerful and charming girl on the planet. In each of these drawings Polly Poker will appear in a new look. On one she dances, on the other she sings, on the third she skates on roller skates, does sports, has fun and plays with her pet. But one of Polly’s favorite activities are shopping, buying new fashionable outfits and accessories. All pre-school and primary school island girls can go shopping with her. All they have to do is hold pencils or felt-tip pens.

14 Free Printable Polly Pocket Coloring Pages

Ask the girls who go to kindergarten or go to junior high school who is the funniest and most charming girl on the planet? Most of them will answer: Polly Pocket. To understand why they think so, will help the collection of themed coloring “Polly Pocket”. In them, the heroine of the popular game and cartoon appears as it is. On one contour drawing Polly dances, the second – sings, on the third – “flies” on roller skates. Each image opens it in a new image: for sports, playing with your pet, having fun. But most of all, she likes shopping.

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