Smurfs Coloring Pages

In this section there are simple coloring smurfs for kids, coloring points with smurfs and their adventures, as well as complex coloring pictures for older children.

In the forest in a small village live small but incredibly brave and smart blue dwarfs – Smurfs. Funny guy, Smart guy, Grumpy guy, Silach and other men from this big friendly family are escaping the evil sorcerer Gargamel. The sworn enemy of the Smurfs wants to catch them to unravel the secret of the beautiful blue. But the dwarfs always manage to slip away, because they are clever and resourceful, and everyone will envy their friendship and unity. Coloring Smurfs are very fond of kids, because these blue gnomes are very funny and friendly. Look for your favorite hero, call your parents and paint together!

Free Printable Smurfs Coloring Pages

Smurfs are fairytale creatures living in the village of the fairytale world. Running away from the evil wizard Gargamel, they get into central New York City park. Little and brave Smurfs now have to go home and get caught by Gargamel.
The colors of the Smurfs are the beautiful colors of the characters in the cartoon Smurfs. Kind and interesting creatures Smurfs really like children, they are bright fun. Especially Smurfs like little kids, for their cute faces.

Smurf coloring – extraordinary dwarfs, small but very brave smurfs. Each smurf coloring is signed with the name of an extraordinary hero. A sea of blue colors, a few minutes of free time and start coloring!

What are the Smurfs

Max Murmel knows a lot about the Smurfs, because he has been translating the Smurfs since 2011. In conversation with the picture, he explains that the Smurfs are mythical creatures – neither animal nor human.

Who was with Smurfette?

A single woman in a village full of men. Smurfette was originally smuggled into the village by Gargamel, the Smurfs’ archenemy. Actually, his plan was to use her to throw the male gauntlet off balance. But the Smurfs accept the new guest as one of their own. Clearly, Max Murmel explains, no Smurf has ever been with Smurfette. Smurfs are asexual beings. By the way, a stalk brings the children.


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