SpongeBob Coloring Pages

Coloring with Sponge Bob, our here is living in a pineapple, starfish Patrick, snail Gary, octopus Squire Tenticales, Crab’s boss, Plankton, squirrels Sandy. Pictures are good because some of the few are suitable for coloring children from 2 years!

Each hero of the animated series symbolizes his behavior of human weakness, bad habits. So, Sponge Bob himself represents a desire to like everyone, and everyone, and also has a passionate desire to learn new things and get involved in all kinds of adventures. Head of the main character, Mr. Krab can not and does not even want to think about anything else but his personal gain and just loves money. Well, the most evil of all the heroes is probably Squared, he is not angry only in his sleep.

Let’s color Sponge Bob and his friends…
To make Sponge Bob’s coloring turn into real pictures in your child’s hands – prepare paints for him, better gouache. The lemon yellow main character in orange or red shorts always looks funny and bright. For friends of the character prepare pink paint (you can mix red and white), green or blue. Coloring Sponge Bob square pants look especially great if the colors of all characters will be slightly mixed with white, and Sponge Bob himself will then stand out with a sunny spot in the picture.

Free Printable SpongeBob Coloring Pages

Sponge Bob coloring pictures are based on the children’s and their parents’ favorite cartoon “Sponge Bob Square Pants“, which is dedicated to the bright yellow sponge. Sponge Bob lives deep in the ocean. Next door to him live friends Squared and Patrick, with whom constantly adventure funny stories. Sponge Bob has a job and a boss, a Crab, hiding a secret method of making crabburgers at the bottom of the ocean. All characters are very friendly and positive, Sponge Bob is always in a great mood. Opening the coloring, you can see Sponge Bob and his comrades again, under the bright colors of different shades of favorite characters will come alive, and you will plunge into the world of cartoon again. You can also watch spongebob videos on official spongebob youtube channel.


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