Squidward Coloring Pages

Free printable Squidward coloring pages (PDF), Squidward is in a major depression. Squidward’s only real problem is that he doesn’t realize he’s depressed. All the problems he has been through show that this man is actually depressed. This character is an octopus. He is in constant competition with another octopus named Squilliam Fancyson. Known for his hatred for the main characters, Squidward, unlike the other main characters, is a logical and calm character, but he has a grumpy side.

Free Printable Squidward Coloring Pages [PDF]

Squidward I Hate Everyone Funny Coloring Page PDF – 1NZA
Free Printable Squidward Face Coloring Page PDF – 1NZA
Sad Squidward Walking on the Street Coloring Page – 1NZA
Squidward is Looking Around Coloring Pages for Kids
Unhappy Squidward Standing Coloring Page – 1NZA

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