Free Coloring Pages for children for Women’s Day 2020

On 8 March next, International Women’s Day 2020 will be celebrated. A very important date for both men and women, on which to demand full equality of both genders. Although great progress has been made in recent years, there is still a long way to go. So, to make the youngest participants of this day, there are some drawings they can paint.

Children love to draw and paint because it is an activity that allows them to let their imagination run wild. On the occasion of 8 March, parents can organise an afternoon with their children to draw pictures related to International Women’s Day.

What kind of drawings can we find? For example, that of a ribbon, and invite our children to paint it purple. The purple ribbon is an international symbol of feminism.

We can also print drawings showing women doing jobs that were once thought to be the preserve of men: mechanics, policemen, firefighters… A fantastic opportunity to have a chat with our children and explain that there is no difference between the job a man or a woman can do.

Free Printable Womens Day Coloring Pages

We can also make them reflect and express their thoughts through drawing. How? By explaining to them that it is International Day 2020, and asking them to draw a woman.

On the Internet there are multiple platforms to download drawings for children. They are totally free platforms, with thousands of drawings available, of all kinds. Primary World and Coloring are the two most popular.

The struggle to achieve full equality between men and women must be everyone’s task and responsibility. So involving children through drawing is a great idea.


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